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In Memory of Insa Thierling

Welcome to my Hospital news page, thank you for your continual support – it means a lot to me through this difficult time. On 1st Feb I was taken into hospital with a suspected blood clot in my leg but was diagnosed as having Ewings Sarcoma and received Chemotherapy within 2 weeks of entering hospital. The Hospital (and especially the Beatson) have been superb – don’t knock the NHS until you try them – they are there for you.

Insa Thierling

“Lady” Insa And Some Of Her Ottakars Gifts (From Lovely Anne)

News From The Beatson Clinic

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Happy Thoughts

I said above that we should try to concentrate on happy thoughts and memories which everyone has of Insa. Various people asked if Insa had some positive times through her illness and the answer is definitely yes. Here are some of them:

– The NHS actually lending her a laptop

– The day she got the wand & tiara from Anne she held court in her room! I still remember the wicked grin as I walked into the room.

– Valentines day – the 15 guests, the cahmapers, the rose petals!

– Siusaidh & Piet (whose wedding Insa got to later) met Insa and she was suffering due to her baldness – Piet said “Paint rabbits on your head and from a distance they’ll look like hairs!” She was still laghing about it hours later when I arrived!

– Seeing friends & family – esp Connie!

– Her beetlenut meals – especially with Kerstin, Ellen & Kenneth

– She received a Prayer Napkin from an American church that had held up in front of a large praying crowd – she dubbed this her “Faith Cloth” and was proud of what it stood for. She took help from everyone – no matter what religion.

– The wedding ceremony she got to

– Her birthday and the wonderful gifts that the nurses gave her – a Rennie Mac Candle holder from the beatson and the celtic ear-rings from the hospice

– When she got to the end of her chemotherapy, she had to get an MRI scan which is magnetic – so you aren’t allowed metal near it. The lovely nurse read out the list – watches, pacemakers, metal plates….hair clasps. Insa just started laughing – the nurse looked at her, spotted the bald head and went red. Insa laughed for ages.

– Nigel & Julie came with something special from JK Rowling (Insa was a huge Harry Potter fan). Her face when telling me about it was lovely, see her thoughts above and the thank you!
– The last night of the proms with me and the candlelit proms with her mum.
– The day she got home to our new house – I’ll treasure that look, and so should all the helpers.

Thoughts On Insa
Most of you know just how much I thought of Insa – as I put she wasn’t one in a million – those odds are too short – she was one in a lifetime of the world. She said that we were soulmates and it felt that way, I have never loved anyone like I loved Insa and no-one has ever got as close as Insa did – she was unique and made my life special, it feels empty and I feel lonely without her physically by my side. Here are some comments from others who sent me cards/e-mails.

“We will remember Insa for her intelligence, her humour, her sound ability to see through nonsense, her lovely smile – and most of all for being your friend & partner”

“Her parting ceremony was an incredible experience… made a wonderful match, I know you have lost someone, who, to me, appeared to be a true soulmate to you”

“Please know that she was respected very much in the druid community and held in high esteem by myself and many others”

” She was amazing and will remain so to all of us who knew her”

” She was a wonderful and spirited person”

“She is irreplaceable”

“She was one smart cookie”

“She was a very bright soul and we shall all miss her – the words don’t really suffice”

“Somebody loved, creative and always full of ideas & plans”

“I know she meant a lot to you and it’s such a tragic loss”

“Insa was a fantastic warm person and anyone who ever met her will never forget her”

“She was an amazing and truely unique lady, whose presence made the world a richer place and whose passing has left a gap which will never be filled”

“Salute her courage and acknowledge her warmth & genorosity”

“We were very privaleged to know such a special person”

“It is a privalege to have known Insa”

“We will all miss our dear Insa very much, I will always think f her with a smile on my face and every time I see a pink pig, I will think of how she was – big, bold, bright and larger than life with her flame red pigtails and her bum-bag”

“I’m sure that by now loads of people will have told you that she was a special person – but in her case it was genuinely true”

“Even though she is no longer alive, we will all carry a part of her around inside, and I’m glad to have known her”

“I’ll always think of her with warnth & happiness and a great deal of fondness”

“Condolences on your loss of Insa – what a treasure she was”

“She sparkled – as will her memory”

“Remember she is only a thought away”

“Insa fought gallantly”

“She won’t wholly die, as long as she is remembered and spoken of with love, and as long as her spirit, freed to wander, roams over the hills and mountains that she loved”

“Insa made a lasting and positive impression on me”

“She was so brave during her ordeal”

“She was very brave and had a great heart, she will make the suummerlands light up”

“We’ll all miss a great friend”

“A warm-hearted and intelligent girl”

“I was struck by her kindness….She just liked people and folk reciprocated that warmth”

“Goodbye Insa – you were an inspiration”

“She was a very special person who will be sadly missed”

“I have been so moved by the obvious love and caring she has inspired in so many”

“My heart goes out to all of you who knew and loved this wonderful young woman”

“I know how hard you both worked, through sheer optimism and willpower, to reverse the momentum of her illness”

“I know how you were fiercely supported by the Glasgow shop staff (Ottakars), who loved Insa very much”

“Her radiance filled that shop and affected everyone who worked with her, she was a brilliant, lovely person of great warmth, genorosity & talent. She will be hugely missed”

“Those we have are never really lost to us, everywhere their love lives on”

“A truely remarkable person”

“She was really a wonderful & special person”

“It was lovely to meet Insa, she seemed a great girl”

“She was an amazingly talented person who will be terribly missed”

“Insa was a lovely person”

“She was an incredibly courageous young woman and although you will be devastated you will be proud of the way that she dealt with her circumstances”

“Insa was a delightful person and a most diligent student”

“She always seemed to be full of life with a wide ranging questioning mind”

“We feel humbled by her courage and fortitude”

“I was inspired by Insa’s strength & courage”

“Insa was always so calm on the outside but bubbling with excitement on the inside”

“Insa will be greatly missed by all those who knew her and I hope that you can derive some comfort in hearing that she was so highly regarded and held in such high affection”

“It seems so unfair that she should not be allowed a longer time to lighten the lives around her”

As Insa puts it,

long life, love, happiness & laughter to you all,


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