Here are my latest builds. RACF Utilities are for processing IRRDBU00 unload once it's been pulled down to a PC for local processing. It needs to be transferred so that it gets converted from EBCDIC to ASCII either using FTP or IND$FILE to do the conversion. Please see racf.docx 'Quick Start Documentation'.RACF Utilities
Build 1211 - 21 Jul 2017

OMVS Utilities are an extension of the IRRDBU00 idea and these operate on the IRRHFSU (Hierarchical File System unload)OMVS Utilities
Build 1006 - 04 Aug 2017

This package contains RACFSNOW, racfmask and racfunmask programs for investigating passwords held in the binary RACF database transferred without any conversion to PC for local processing.RACFSNOW
Build 1001 - 12 Feb 2018

This package contains my compilation of Peter Gutmann's program DUMPASN1. It will write files to a directory (default C:\Program Files\dumpasn1). The user then needs to ensure the PATH environment variable contains the install directory and also the DUMPASN1_PATH environment variable also exists and points to the location of the dumpasn1.cfg file.DUMPASN1
9 March 2017

RACF masked passwords racfunmask racfmask ICH408I IRRDBU00 RACFSNOW