Post Office Scandal

Below is an assortment of links to further details about the incredibly toxic behaviour of the Post Office. This is something which interested me because of my background in computer security. The first book I was encouraged to read in relation to computer security was The Cuckoo’s Egg by Clifford Stoll. Something of a classic it’s the story of how Clifford Stoll, determined to understand why the accounting software on the computer was a few cents out when it should be spot on, led him to discover and track down a whole lot of illicit activities. I think Nick Wallis’ book The Great Post Office Scandal is likely to become a classic for those involved in governance but in precisely the opposite way, namely how not to do it! It shows the unbelievable lengths senior staff were prepared to go to and the levels of inhumane suffering they were prepared to inflict upon the innocent. Whilst keen to see justice for those involved I’m equally keen for this to be heeded as a lesson to those currently working in security and governance to prevent anything similar from recurring elsewhere. The storylines of both are equally fascinating and riveting but in strangely different ways. I would urge anyone working in security and governance to read The Great Post Office Scandal.

Wednesday 11th May and Thursday 12th May are to be the two days for hearing witness statements and testimony from those affected in Scotland. Full details are on the Official Inquiry website – – Nick Wallis’ main site – Nick Wallis’ old site – BBC Panorama – The Post Office Scandal – Post Office Inquiry site – Post Office Inquiry YouTube channel – Richard Moorhead’s Post Office Project YouTube channel – Richard Moorhead et al mainly at Exeter University – A very substantial article giving a good overview – Podcast with Rebecca Thomson and Nick Wallis – Rebecca Thomson’s Substack newsletter – Richard Moorhead’s Substack newsletter – Outcasts Creative play about the scandal – False Accounts – Justice For Subpostmasters Alliance (JFSA) – JFSA YouTube Channel – Brian Whelton’s talk at SteelCon 2023 – Tim McCormack’s blog – BBC Podcast series (image below)

BBC Sounds Podcast