Kingsgate Retail Park – East Kilbride – Parking Restrictions

This is mid-June 2018 and I was very surprised to realise major changes in the parking conditions at my local Kingsgate Retail Park on the edge of East Kilbride.

Now, just the fact there have been some changes might not be a reason to publicise such changes, but, after realising things had changed, back in April 2018 I believe, I tried to find out the details of those changes online and was astonished that very little detail at all was available?

Why? Well, I can only assume this to be because the change in conditions has been brought in as a means of income generation, which I think is ethically questionable and why I thought I’d do what I can to publicise the changes in order to try and prevent people from being caught out unaware.

Kingsgate Retail Park is a long-established Retail Park which has always had Free Unrestricted Parking until April 2018 that is. Things have changed, but for those of us who have been going there for years and are not expecting any restrictions, and hence not looking to the signage to see what the restrictions are, it’s easy to completely overlook. In addition to the signage, there are a whole bunch of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras that have appeared well above eye level on the lampposts at the entrances to the car parks. Again, easy to miss unless you already know to expect them and are looking for them.

Kingsgate Retail Park – conditions of parking – 4 hours maximum stay

So, what’s my issue with this? I have to question why this hasn’t been publicised online. I can’t find any reference to these changes, nor the 4-hour limit anywhere online, and that includes the website homepage for the Retail Park nor on their Twitter account nor on their Facebook page

The signage displayed states the system is operated by Horizon Parking, so I thought I’d have a look at their website to see if there was any mention, or information around the restrictions they were operating, again no detailed information.

So, when is the Management of Kingsgate Retail Park going to do the right thing and include all relevant information concerning these new parking restrictions on their website and publicise them through their social media?