Dr Ruja Ignatova persuaded millions to join her financial revolution. Then she disappeared. Why? Jamie Bartlett presents a story of greed, deceit and herd madness.
‘Did You Know’ podcast Episode:58 Bjorn Bjercke On OneCoin The Biggest Ponzi In History.
Another discussion about the BBC The Missing CryptoQueen series bringing out more info.
It’s a long podcast at well over 2 hours but worth listening to if you’ve listened to The Missing CryptoQueen
Episode 59:Tim Tayshun On OneCoin The… (part 1)
Episode 60:Tim Tayshun On OneCoin The Biggest Ponzi In History Part 2
@JenMcAdamUK, @ezCoinAccess and @MrBitcoinNorway were invited onto the @trtNEXUS current affairs news tv programme to discuss the multi billion dollar #onecoin scam.